След като само червеният картон на Джак, симулацията на Шамак и победата на Тотнъм успяха да замъглят футболния уикенд, идват и още добри новини, този път лично за нас – членовете на фен клуба на Арсенал в България.  Нашият добър приятел Майкъл Фармър успя да убеди редактора на Gooner, че преживяването на ASCB в Белград има място в списанието. И така, след като разказът ни от Атина успя да намери място единствено на уебсайта Online Gooner, сега гордо можем да заявим, че България и фен клубът, са на страниците на най-четеното списание на Арсенал тематика. Новият брой, озаглавен The Jack Factor, е съвсем пресен и освен за мача в Белград, съдържа анализ за играта на Шамак, разкази от последния ни триумф на White Hart Lane, както и някои доста остри гледни точки съсредоточени върху може би най-дискутираните фигури в нашия любим клуб – Арсен Венгер и Робин ван Перси.

Предната и задна корици на новия брой в типичен за Gooner magazine стил

Като цяло, списанието винаги е било харесвано от всякакви генерации фенове. Винаги представя различни гледни точки и изобилие от любопитни материали от далеч отминали времена. Да си призная, не съм чел скорошни броеве, но са ми попадали разни стари и бих казал, че си заслужава. Който се интересува, спокойно може да се регистрира в онлайн магазинът. Списанието струва само £2, а доставката с Air Mail е дори по-евтина. Може да се плати с кредитна карта, или чрез PayPal.

Предполагам, че много хора се чудят защо изписах толкова за участието ни в Gooner без да поместя самия разказ. Та, ето го и него. Предварително се извинявам, че нямах време да го преведа на Български, но такава идея има и се надявам, че няма да мине много време преди да я реализираме. Еnjoy!

As usual, our trip began at the central parking lot of the national stadium „Vasil Levski“ in Sofia. It is funny how the draw this year turned out. In 2007, we went to Buchurest. An year later – Fenerbahce in Turkey. After that, the winter of 2009 presented us with the opportunity to visit Athens. Everyone was saying that it is Serbia’s turn now and luckily enough, they had a team we could face. There was some strange feeling that we are going to get Partizan. Some of us were even making plans before the draw took place. As not most us can cope financially with going to many games a season, we very much rely on the Champions’ League. I cannot describe the feeling when we got Partizan. Immediately you think about the large group that is going and all the memorable things that are going to happen during the trip. We were going to take off for Belgrade on matchday at about twelve. Exactly one hundred and one of us had gathered and got on the two coaches. The singing had already started before we even reached the Serbian border. When we got there, everybody was searched and when we got back on our way, several police cars had joined our travelling party. They were to escort us safely to the ground. As soon as we hit Belgrade, you could tell that something big was going to take place. Partizan colours were flying everywhere and it was packed with policemen. We got off at Humska street, which is right next to Partizan’s ground. The five and a half hour trip had gone in a blink of an eye and the main part of our journey was yet to begin. We were first on the scene and wasted no time. The arriving Partizan fans looked surprised that a lot of us had gotten there quite early and were at full voice.

Tипичен ASCB on Tour момент

Soon, our secretary, who had gone to meet with Mrs. Jill Smith to get our tickets, joined us and off we went. As we already knew, the ground  differs from many that host Champions’ League matches. It has a typical Balkan look – small, but cosy, with that feeling of a people’s stadium about it. It was no surprise that the Grobari filled the stands and had come prepared, though. Partizan is not one of those Eastern European clubs that reach the group stage every year and this game was huge for them. As expected, the choreography was very impressive. One of their banners had a steam roller crushing Big Ben and the London eye on it, a clear sign of the Serbs’ determination to make themselves known amongst the Arsenal fans. There were a few thrown objects, but overall it was not such a hostile atmosphere. I must say that after the grand opening, they were a bit legging behind vocally at times. Even when they levelled the score, when you would presume that they are going to be firmly at it. As if they were already getting signals that this game will not end well for them. Over at our section, we met with a few lads we know from past trips and made some new acquaintances as well. As always, Arsenal away support was good, despite the fact that the importance of the game cannot be compared to Rome, or Milan a few years back. I can’t say we were too concerned about the result. We always looked like winning, even after Andrey missed the penalty. That gave us good ground to concentrate on supporting the lads and even outsinging the hosts for some patches of the game. We were really pleased to have witnessed the great performance that Fabianski put in goal. He made some very vital stops and hopefully this game will be the springboard he needs. Game was over in a flash, as usual, and we went down to applaud the players. There are always mixed feelings accompanying that. While it is very pleasing to witness your heroes acknowledging the support, it also means that the journey is almost over. The Partizan fans showed great commitment and most of them did not leave the ground,  and were at full voice even half an hour after the final whistle. It deserved our applause, which was pretty much the last thing we did, as were already leaving the stadium, getting ready to hop on the coaches again.

Tова е от мен. Надявам се, че първият ми принос за блога ще донесе позитивни емоции и някои нови идеи на вас, а пък аз ще се съсредоточа в подкрепа на Блекпуул и неповторимия продукт на гениалните чешки братя Прошек.

До нови срещи!